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In July 2011, I traveled to Haiti for the first time. Little did I know, during this trip, my own life and the future of Jacob’s Well would change forever. It didn’t take long before I saw what everyone sees: the poverty, the hurt, the endless needs. But I also saw the potential. The potential for community development through education and job creation.
We didn’t just want to throw money at a problem, but wanted to truly invest in a community. We wanted to know the people and to stay for the long haul. That is the heartbeat of Jacob’s well.
— Mark Thornton, Executive Director


Jacob’s Well is devoted to working with individuals, churches, and community organizations in an effort to connect people in need with resources and skills which will improve their quality of life both physically and spiritually. The vision of Jacob’s Well Haiti is led by God and put in motion by indigenous leadership. We are sensitive to His guidance in all we do. Regarding our neighborhood in Montrouis and how we interact, we believe in the principles of education and community development.